Why i'm glad i'm single in college

High school is a universal time to be a boy. All you can think about is planting the hottest ketchup before anyone else does-and when you do, you will dream about how you look at the prom together, think of almost nothing but them, and your last name after your name (just to see what it looks like, of course)

Then you will move to the post-secondary server, three or four years of your life, which will essentially determine your career. Remember when I tell my friends in high school, "I can't wait to be in college, and we can meet with real men!" When life after school attendance, you realize that perhaps you should divert your attention from the dreams to the boys to understand what you're going to do with your life

For the four years I spent in post-secondary education, I had friends who had been in a serious relationship from day one to the day they graduated. It works for some employees, but I personally had a couple of relationships in the flames throughout the school. I wasn't closed for the idea of finding a super cool guy, but it wasn't my priority

I was never a girl who couldn't imagine my life without "my other half" and was a young scientist, that friends, family and education had priority over whether you had a boyfriend in your life or not. I like it, I can't help, but it annoy me when my friends choose their boyfriends because of me, or they can't go to a bed pub the night when the other half is attached to their thigh. I mean, I understand when you're in love that you want to spend every minute with your badge. We were all there. But I can't help but feel that these friends weren't in their college

" Four years of your life to be selfish and to focus on yourself is not bad. It's actually really cool. "

I don't mean that every night at college there must be something about him sleeping with another guy, waking up in complete confusion and embarrassed, and then darkened by the shame of the dorm room in the dorm room. But if you take these four years of your life to be selfish and to focus on yourself, it's not bad at all. In fact, it's really cool

It's not like I was totally avoiding the boys, I didn' t think I had a brush, I went on dates, and I had a few moments thinking, "He may be the only one," and I, of course, didn' t appreciate all the time. But now I realize the benefits she had for me. Not only did I allow me to learn to do things for myself, but also taught me not only about myself, but also about what is important in life. Instead of spending time crying on my heart, I spent my time building friends that I served before that day. Instead of using energy to make someone else happy, I put energy into figuring out what made me happy in my personal and professional life

I can't say that being alone in all the colleges, I'm pretty sure I have success today, but I was distracted by another guy, and I know that I wouldn't be focused on the success and career search that I love. Maybe I wouldn't have seen so much of the world that I was waiting for the right time with someone on my side, and I can't say that I would have paid attention to my friends and family if I had a person who could always rely on a social replacement

"Instead of making energy so that someone else is happy, I have put energy into figuring out what made me happy in my personal and professional life."

I may be wrong, but I have so many friends who have been in a serious relationship while I know them, who is telling me (I don't regret) that they want to travel, or want them to have a job like me, or they want them to have the career opportunities that they gave me. The new flash mob-I did all these things for myself, and, yes, it's because I was selfish and set priorities in different ways

So I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you should avoid every guy who looks like a plague, but I will tell you that for all of you, single ladies and men who are alone during your junior year are not the end of the world. Having learned how to walk on your own two legs before you add someone to you, it's not bad-it's probably going to make all the relationships that you have in the future, much stronger. All your life, ladies and gentlemen! Surround your entire life

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Lauren is a graduate of the Sheridan College, who now works in the marketing of social media ... yes, she gets a salary in Tweet. When she does not live in social networks, she travels around the world and writes about it to her blog of travel