Bocconi Legal Papers


“Journals are the best places to learn how to effectively write in a legal setting
and how to efficiently edit legal work.
It’s how we, as law students, build communities and friendships.
We network with alumnae and peers, judges and practitioners.
We produce a final product.
We foster mentorships with advisors and professors.
We work on tight, often high-pressure deadlines.
We explore fascinating issues of law.
We vastly improve our research, writing and editing skills.”
In short, it prepares us to… real life!

-Adam Liptak, American Journalist
Supreme Court corresponder – The New York Times
Former Editor of the Yale Law Journal and Policy Review-


Bocconi Legal Papers is the very first Italian student-edited Law Journal.

Founded by two Bocconi Law students in 2008, it clearly followsthe example of American Law Reviews, in which the entire reviewing process is handled by students.

It was thought in order to facilitate and reinforce the academic ethos in the study of law at Bocconi University, providing students with a unique opportunity from which to explore legal topics. Our goal is to encourage and promote debate, independent thought and excellence in learning.

Good study, analytical rigour, argumentative clarity and confidence in originality are therefore requested in our daily activity, as a valuable and needed preparation to face all legal professions.

The Editorial Board is composed of Bocconi students who are carefully selected every year by the Board. The selection process is based on the merit, specifically on their curricula and the ability of reviewing papers.

The Editors sincerely hope that Bocconi Legal Papers will become a longstanding publication, providing students with a vast view onthe different issues of our day. This is the first and foremost reason why, indeed, the Journal was conceived on the premise and on the strong belief that we should not underestimate the contribution that the youngest legal minds can make to academic thought, since they should not only be mere receivers of notions, but should also spread knowledge and culture and be the propellant force of the academic debate.

We thank our Faculty Advisory Board members for their support and the enthusiasm they constantly show for this project, and their positive reception to all Bocconi Legal Papers’ proposal. Thus, contributing to the Bocconi Legal Papers is a unique opportunity for your work to be reviewed by some of the most prominent members of the Italian legal community.

What we do

We have both a printed edition and an online one.

In the first one, we publish papers (written by professors, academics, practitioners and students who are about to graduate) that revolve around our main theme, which is “Law and Business” (in its broadest meaning).

In the second one, we publish papers that concern any aspect of the composite and complex Law world.

What we are doing right now

Besides looking for contributions of the online edition (which we do throughout the whole year), we are collecting papers for the next printed issue, which will be out in June 2014 (tribute to Professor Ariberto Mignoli) and then in December 2014.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to look at or to contact us at